No. 1 High Voltage Submarine Power Cable in China

Orient Cables  dominates China high voltage submarine cable market with more than 98% market share.

Orient Sub-sea Power Cable:   Download the Power Cable brochure here

Orient Sub-sea Umbilical cable:   Download the Umbilical Cable brochure here

 Submarine Power Cable

    6kv - 500kV, XLPE

    Single section length (max.):

            - 35 kV, 3*400mm2 , 7.1 km, no factory joint
            - 110 kV, 1*1000mm2, 20 km, no factory joint
            - 220 kV ,1*1600mm2, 10 km, no factory joint
 Submarine Power Cable With OF

- single core with OF, 50-2500 square mm;

- 3 cores with OF, 50-1000 square mm

 Submarine HVDC Power Cable
   ±30 kV, ±80 kV, ±150 kV, ±250 kV, +-320kV

Telecommunication Submarine Optical Fiber Cable
Submarine Dynamic Cable
Mainly used in the field of the ocean engineering & gas industry, for the electricity and data transmission between FPSO and WHP
Umbilical Cable
mainly used for the transmission of various mediums like electricity, data, chemicals and liquid etc, in the subsea oil & gas exploitation
 Accessories for the submarine cable

        1. Factory Joints
      2. Repair Joints
      3. Hang- off Device
      4. Cable termination
      5. Linking boxes